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There are many reasons why houses are shifted.

We offer fair prices and serve our customers as best we can. If you are selling a house, call or email us to discuss the details.

BOP House Removals are happy to give an appraisal on a home you are considering either purchasing or selling. This can mean we will move the house directly to your site, from its original site.

We are happy to shift houses that have been independently bought, or we have houses available to be purchased at our yard, which we will then move to your site.

Some clients require their houses to be relocated onto their new piling but left in half in order to facilitate an extension or renovation.

Nothing is too big or too small for the team at BOP House Removals Ltd!

Give us a call today or view the Houses we have for sale below!

BOP124 Bungalow Beauty 3 bedroom

BOP123 Here's An Idea : 2 bedroom. 3,4 or 5 bed...

BOP120 Solid 3 Bedroom Kiwi Classic

BOP 121 Exposed Beamer 15 x 7 metre Blank Canv...

BOP 112- Well Presented 3 bedroom home

BOP117 - 2 BEDROOM Brick look


BOP 115 Pole House Special

BOP116 - Upper Level 2 Bedrooms

BOP119 - Bungalow


BOP109 - 2 Bedroom Rimu Timber Floor Home

BOP111 - A Little 60sq mtr Cutie