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How long does it take to remove and relocate a house?

Every job is different and depends on the size of the house, roading conditions, obstructions (power poles, trees, banks etc).

How far do we travel?

We transport anywhere within the North Island.

Do you arrange a building consent?

No, we don’t but can advise you on where to go for this and a variety of other procedures which need to be undertaken.

Do you need a Geo Tech Report?

Most councils require a Geotech Report as part of the counsel consent process, so a draftsman/engineer can design the foundations plans to suit your building site. This will need to be done early in your relocation process.

Who arranges transport insurance and road permits for the move

We do and these are included in your quote

Who does the piling at the new location

We do most piling situations. We include standard timber foundations in our quotes unless otherwise stated (additional cost may be added if more than standard are required) We can handle most foundation requirements except driven piles, we can organise this for you, then we can roll your new or second hand home onto to driven piles or work with a crane company to lift and lower onto pre-installed foundations. All subject to a site inspection and final specifications.

What happens if my council consent takes longer than expected

If you purchase your secondhand home from us we will provide up to 3 months free yard rent if we need to store your home until the consent to move is through. We do have storage room in our yard for houses purchased elsewhere which we charge weekly rent for

Traffic Control

Who arranges the traffic control?

We do! We have our own pilot vehicles and an extensive knowledge of the highways and roads where we transport enabling the safest and quickest transfer of your house.

Heavy Haulage

Are you associated with Heavy Haulage?

Yes, we are a member of the Heavy Haulage Association.